• Associazione Paolo Scheggi

Authentication of works

The Associazione Paolo Scheggi is concerned with the authentication and archiving of all the artist's work.
The technical committee meets three times a year to evaluate and authenticate the works.

The next meeting of Scientific Committee will be on March 19, 2019.

The Associazione reserves the right to change the abovementioned dates at any time, only later communicating the new date for the meeting of the technical committee.

How to ask for an examination of the works

In order to know if the work belonging to you is authentic, and therefore to ask for an examination by the Associazione Paolo Scheggi's technical committee, it is necessary to:

  • email to info@associazionepaoloscheggi.com digital photographs of the work: front, back, details of the signature, writing, labels (when present), and to indicate the provenance, bibliography, and its appearance in publications or exhibition catalogues. There will then be an answer from the Associazione Paolo Scheggi which will ask you:
  • to send for each work of whatever format or type, even if supplied with preceding evaluations of authentications, the following documentation:
    • 3 black and white photographs of the front (18 x 24 cm., professional);
    • 1 black and white photograph of the back (18 x 24 cm., professional);
    • 2 colour slides or digital files of the front (20 x 20 cm., professional) with 300 dpi resolution and an indication of the colour scale;
    • information about the work: title, year, technique, dimensions (height by width by depth);
    • exhibitions and publications involving the work, eventual changes in ownership, and any other information useful for reconstructing the provenance and history of the work;
    • photocopies of any previous authentications;
    • indications of the correct way of viewing and reproducing the work/s with the word "top" written on the back of one of the three photographs of the front and one on the back of the work/s by Paolo Scheggi;
    • indication of how the proprietor wishes to be acknowledged in the case of publication of the work: with full name (in this case, please specify) or with the indication "Private collection";
    • release note from the photographer and/or the photographic studio responsible for the photos of the works sent to the Associazione Paolo Scheggi, and containing the authorization for the use and publication of the Catalogue Raisonné and other eventual publications devoted to the artist Paolo Scheggi. The release note must also contain the exact wording of the name of the photographer and/or photographic studio.

It is possible to download the following model here.
► Release note model (PDF)

This documentation must be sent to the following address:
Associazione Paolo Scheggi
Piazza 8 Novembre 6
20129 Milano (Italy)

  • This will be followed by a phone call from the Associazione Paolo Scheggi to fix an appointment for bringing the work for examination by the technical committee on one of the dates mentioned above.
  • Before the consignment of the work a bank transfer payment, must be made which is to be considered as a lump sum reimbursement for the expenses of the technical secretary and the activities relative to the consultancy and the registration of the work.

The sum to be paid for each work is:
€ 300,00 plus € 2,00 stamp

( Inter-surfaces, Inter-ena-cubi, modular structures, environmental compositions etc.) excluding those on paper.

Data for bank transfer:

Banco Popolare Milano
Conto Intestato a: Associazione Paolo Scheggi
IBAN: IT86D0503401606000000000170
Description of payment: authentication and archiving work of Paolo Scheggi

Even in those cases where the works have not been attributed to Paolo Scheggi, the payment cannot be reimbursed.

  • For sending the bank receipt, the person who makes the payment must detail his or her data on the following form and send it via email.
    ► bank receipt data form (PDF)
  • On the consignment of the work the Associazione will issue a consignment report and will later send a receipt of payment.
  • In the case of a positive result, the certificate of authenticity will be sent by registered post.
    Note. The works must arrive unframed or accompanied by a declaration by the proprietor that authorizes the foundation to dismantle any elements that might interfere with its examination.

Collection of the works and storage costs

  • The day after the examination by the technical committee, the owner can collect the work from the Associazione Paolo Scheggi, at the address previously communicated via email, by returning the consignment report received at the time the work was consigned.

In the case that the work is not collected, the Associazione will take care of its storage without any civil or legal responsibility for it. Furthermore, the storage costs for each uncollected work will be debited to the relative owner.

Consent to the use of personal data

In accordance with the law of 30 June 2003, n.196, (consent to the use of personal data), the collectors must send written authorization to the Associazione Paolo Scheggi if they wish to appear with their own name.

In accordance with article 13 of law n. 196/2003, the data supplied will be used only for the needs of the publication.

Without this authorization, the caption "Private collection" will be used.

The Associazione Paolo Scheggi does not make financial estimates of the works' value.


For information or further clarification you can write to and/or phone during office hours (from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.):

Ilaria Bignotti, technical secretary of the Associazione Paolo Scheggi:
tel. +39 3477940669

For those who have the need to photograph a work can contact the photographer Francesca Scancassani