• Associazione Paolo Scheggi

Paolo Scheggi

Within a “long” decade (1958-1971) the research of Paolo Scheggi went through different fields of knowledge and different disciplines, from visual arts to architecture to fashion, from poetry to urban and theatrical performances to arrive at a conceptual and metaphysics reflection.

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The Associazione Paolo Scheggi was established in January 2013.
The aims of the association are: to authenticate, archive, conserve, and catalogue both the works of Paolo Scheggi

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Catalogue Raisonné

In 2016 have been published by Skira the Catalogue Raisonné of the Work by Paolo Scheggi edited by Luca Massimo Barbero in collaboration with Franca and Cosima Scheggi and the scientific coordination by Ilaria Bignotti

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Authentication of Works

The Associazione Paolo Scheggi is concerned with the authentication and archiving of all the artist's work.
The technical committee meets three times a year to evaluate and authenticate the works.

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